The College Recruiting process

Getting recruited may seem complex as the time it takes can be time consuming. You need to be persistent, organised, dedicated and committed to the process. Being a National swimmer will certainly help you get into colleges and having a 1500 SAT is also helpful, but the reality is that most athletes aren't blessed with the luxury of coaches fighting over them. So here are the basic steps to you will need to follow to be recruited:

Step 1: Research and identification

Being able to find colleges that suit you both athletically and academically is extremely important. These colleges are much more likely to be more responsive to your contact. Being highly ranked on their roster and fulfilling their academic needs is a sure way to increase the chance of being recruited. Asking coaches how you would fit into their roster is a good way to know if you have a chance at being recruited. Most of the time they will be honest and tell you the things you need to improve to be considered for a roster spot or to get a better offer.

Step 2: Communication

Calling and emailing coaches is vital. Without you initiating the contact with coaches you may not receive any offers, so make sure you fill out recruiting questionnaires and be resourceful. With the colleges you have identified through your research or using College Connects recruiting service, you can contact those coaches. Be polite and humble, coaches are busy so any time they spend on speaking to you or replying is a good sign. From there it is up to you to keep in communication and update the coaches of your performances. Building a connection with the coach is an important step in the recruiting process.

Step 3: Improve

Continuing to improve your swimming and academics is important, showing improvement will make you a greater prospect for college coaches. Coaches are always looking for improving athletes and swimmers that can help their team. Colleges are also looking for athletes who can contribute to increasing their GPA, so studying hard and getting good results may not only increase the amount of colleges interested in you, they may even have academic money to offer you.

Step 4: Negotiate and decide

Choosing a college that not only suits you, but suits your family is crucial. Often families require scholarship money to make college affordable, so being able to communicate and negotiate offers with colleges is good opportunity. Once you have spoken with your advisors, coaches and parents, it's decision time. Now you can decide where you want to attend college and start your journey.

College recruiting can be confusing, and it is time consuming so make sure to follow our process above or let us do the hard work you are time poor or want a clear idea of the right colleges for you. Reach out to us at College Connect Recruiting for any help or advice.

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